NEXUS Global is an integrated and durable migration services provider specifically designed to support circular migration. With a wide range of public, private and civil sector partners, NEXUS service centers offer clients and their families practical guidance and quality services during all stages of migration. By helping individual migrants achieve their existing goals, the NEXUS social enterprise directly supports efficient circular migration, and as a result, meaningful development on personal, social and economic levels in their home communities.

This unique business model combines free and fee-for-service options, and can serve as a paradigm for best practices and innovative interventions in the area of migration and development – ones that are developed jointly by migrants, private-sector and communities of origin.

NEXUS Vision

A world where migrants are supported in contributing to economic growth and human development in both places of origin and migration, and where migrants are perceived as an important and positive force in society.

NEXUS Mission

Helping migrants reach their personal migration goals, from pre-departure to return, through an integrated and market-driven service platform that provides specialized information, one-on-one support, and concrete solutions offered by NEXUS partners.

NEXUS Principles

We are set to listen and learn. Each client gets our full attention. Our goal is to earn and carefully protect our clients’ trust. So while providing accurate and effective responses to client needs, we take all steps to secure their privacy and personal information.
We work with reliable partners that share our mission and provide relevant quality services and offers of support that fill our clients’ real needs and wants.
We focus on local communities because that is where most of our clients want to return – to their own homes.
We base our work on facts, not myths or personal anecdotes. Hard evidence learned from extensive research and constant client feedback guides all our activities.
We interact with everyone with kindness, respect and integrity.
We neither encourage nor discourage migration. Our mission is clear: help clients migrate smarter, return better.


In order to engage and maintain the active participation of significant service providers from all sectors the emphasis is on creating and maintaining clear evidence-based approaches. This “value added” engages partners in a durable and market-driven process of continuous learning and improvement.
Client-centered means NEXUS – and its partners – really listen to individual migrants to understand their personal migration goals and then to support effective migration practices. More successful migrants means not only that they reach their personal goals; it also means efficient circular migration, and this in turn means they come home sooner with their financial, social and human capital gained along the way. By working with its partners and together offering advice, products and services that make their migration experience more efficient, NEXUS boosts their success and increases the development potential.
All migration is local. Most migrants who leave home to achieve their personal goals plan to come back home. Yet this return intention is not so much to their home country in the general sense, but specifically to their families, to their own communities, and to their own projects. Reflecting this, it is at the local level – those places where future migrants are, and current migrants long to return, and where the impact of migration – both good and bad – is highest –where NEXUS pays most of its attention and efforts.
NEXUS integrates both vertically and horizontally. It builds strategic partnerships with governments, civil society, and private sector – at local, national and international levels.